Fata Morgana

by CRU5H3R

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Emotions, people, situations, everything that pretended to be something, but in the end it wasn't what it seemed. Sometimes life is a reflection. A mirage. Fata Morgana.


released July 27, 2015



all rights reserved


CRU5H3R Rosario, Argentina

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Track Name: Taste It
Taste it
Want it
Feel it
Crave it
See it
Hear it
You can't have it just taste it

So high and out of touch
Nothing can reach it, it's far beyond
You can try, kneel and cry
It doesn't care, it's just too blind

It will make you think it's yours
It will make you need it more
The apple of Eden, it's only smoke
It has no substance, yet you'll crawl

You will taste it and crave for more
You will feel it so close and warm
You will see it at your grasp, but no
You will never make it yours, it's gone
Track Name: Pedestal
I'm holier than you are
I'm perfect without a flaw
Behind this looking glass
No weaknesses can be found
And you will get to see
That you can't be like me
Thoughts of superfluous dreams
Fueling my empty needs

I'm on a pedestal
I’m Not even worth it
So high above it all
You'll never earn it

You are wrong
This is just the way I deal with you
There’s nothing more, so carry on
This is a game I've always won
Eat and drink from my disdain
There’s no wisdom, I’ll refrain
Question your mind, for mine is right
My pedestal has grown tonight

Lost and blind
Alone in here
Restless speech to keep you near
My pedestal is miles high
I won't get down
I might just die
Track Name: Thorns
Thorns in my side
Thorns you've put there
Left me broken and blind

Rage boiling my blood
Rage running through my veins
Makes my senses collide

Looking back now I see
I hated you, you hated me
Don't try to win my sympathy
Drop dead, fade away, disappear

Shame from your acts
Shame was never your thing
You always put it aside

Fear of your own mind
Fear its lack of regret
You can never empathize

Looking back now I see
I hated you, you hated me
You'll only get my apathy
Drop dead, fade away, disappear

Drop the mask,
Fire your guns
Thread lightly
The narrow path of your lies
It makes no difference to me
You're gone from my mind

Looking back now I see
I hated you, you hated me
We were never meant to be
Drop dead, fade away, disappear
Track Name: Unexpected
Between light and darkness
She comes, unexpected
Dressed in a million souls
Haunted by a million eyes
She whispers 'follow me'
and suddenly
nothing else matters anymore

Never ask, never tell
Only now, only her
Never love, just embrace
What's next to come, her sweetest taste

As the darkness fades to gray
Far is near, time sways
Water sings and falls away
The sky screams, up in the caves

Swiftly made, a trick of the trade
Back from home, joy awaits
Disappeared, burst into flames
Remain unfound, hide away

Bitter day, never the same
Numb and lost, fool and dazed
Lost my way, night will stay
Failed to grasp her saddest breath

Remain unfound, hide away
Track Name: It Could Never Be
It could never be
But it feels like it was
No reason to stay here
But somehow I must
Let me ask you a question:
What the hell do you want?
Entangle me in your confusion
No, thank you, I'll pass

Don't show me your emotions
Don't tell me your fears
Don't sell me the illusion
Of your beautiful dreams
Your fate is corroded
By your own selfish deeds
You thought it was something
But it could never be

I followed your lead
But you had no course
Just tumbling around
Feeding up on remorse
And you wanted me to
Be the shine in your sky
Deep inside it's just dark
I can cast no more light

Don't try to summon me again
Tempting me with your shallow eyes
It could never be, and even so
I won't forget your fucking lies.
Track Name: Never Wanted
We met a thousand year s ago
In a world impure and cold
Then the shades sang their chords
Never wanted them to stop

We were broken and alone
Fighting what was never fought
Myths that were forgotten long
But you needed so much more

Never wanted you to find
All the pain I felt inside
Never wanted you to change
All my hatred with your shame
Pilgrims falling on their knees
They demand me, I fulfill
Never wanted you to be
a thousand miles inside a dream

In the solitude of time
You would stand my alibi
We'll defy the hell outside
Drown our souls into the night

Ghosts would dance before our eyes
Saying words unholy and dry
Yet their spirits will suffice
We'll burn down in lust and might

Time away, another life
Tried to reach your inner light
But your demons of revenge
Offered darkness in exchange
Poisoned thoughts, a dread of night
So misplaced in space and time
You had your chance, your small revenge
You hurt so deep, you won the game
Track Name: Falling
Always falling
Forever telling myself
the same, same old lie
of avoiding
Avoiding you
And this emptiness inside
That's the only thing left when you're gone away

Always crawling
Forever coming to your game
When the time isn't right
For winning it
And still I play
Pretending that some day
Your shadow won't stop me
Making this bitterness fade

I don't want to be falling
Falling for you
I don't want to be knocking
On the door of your regret
I don't want to be falling
Falling for you
I don't want to be crumbling
to the floor of your disdain

Always calling
Calling out to the skies
Seeking for Heaven's advice
On losing you
And still I pray
To forget your devilish eyes
That numb my mind and make me want to do this again
Track Name: Lure
You try to lure me
Into your game
Playing with my head
When will this end

I just pretend we still remain
But seems you never felt the same

And so you erase me like a bad dream
And so you condemn me to drown in this melancholy

You try to lure me
Into your game
Your sad affection
Is just so vain

You will pretend we are still the same
But your cold heart is lacking flames

And so you erase me like a bad dream
And so you condemn me to drown in this melancholy

You try to lure me
Into your game
But this time
I just won’t play

Your shallow smile won’t light up the day
Deep inside it feels cold and gray

And so I erase you like a bad dream
And so I condemn you to drown in your own vanity
Track Name: Crazy
Mind plagues incessantly
Thoughts flow, uncertainty
Can't make my mind fit reality
I'll mess with yours until it bleeds

I can't define the subtleties
That rule the land of my belief
Chaos controls my deepest fears
What's wrong with me, somebody please

I think I'm losing it just like you
I stand alone and travel through
A fake illusion of sanity
A cruel delusion of purity

I'll disappear without a trace
I will forever win this race
Forever bound to narrow sights
My mind is blown, the time is right

I still remember the shining light
The water running, the brighter sky
Two of us forever there
Now that I'm gone, the memory fades
Track Name: You'll Never Know
I put a veil before your eyes
Blind the truth, a living lie
Don't be scared, it's alright
You'll never know what's deep inside

You trusted in my book of lies
The truth is vain and torn inside
I peel it out slice by slice
You'll never know my darkest cries

In the core of all our lies
We neglect what passes by
We erase our self drawn lines
You'll never know how much I tried

Your body shakes and craves for more
Your legs spread in blossom warm
You want it to forever last
You'll never know it turned to dust

In the core of all our lies
We neglect what passes by
We erase our self drawn lines
You'll never know how much I tried

In your dreams you knew the truth
I never was someone like you
We all die wearing a disguise
You'll never know your paradise

You played your hand
You took it back
Your sharp deceit
A clever stab
The room was filled with empty smiles
You'll never know I miss your touch

And now you're coming back for more
Track Name: Glimpse
She was a glimpse
A burst
But what else could she be?
In the absence of lights
There is no escape
Not even reflections could stay
You tried to run away, you tried to hide
She took you by the hand
She took you to the Eden of lust
She pronounced the old words
And hypnotized the skies
You traveled to another time
You and her forever so high
Conquering worlds time after time
Tried to stay there, safe in her charms
Yet the darkness was swollen by the ruthless light
She dissolved,
an evil trick of the sun
to take you away until the end of time
She was a glimpse
A burst
But what else could she be?